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Especially in Brandenburg, numerous forests are still contaminated with old ammunition and live bombs. In the event of a forest fire, these areas must not be entered by emergency personnel. In the ALADIN project ("Advanced Low Altitude Data Information System"), we are working on how to extinguish these fires nevertheless – using communication and remote control via a 5G campus network.

Within the scope of the ALADIN research project, we are focusing on the use of 5G campus networks for mobile reconnaissance, control, security, situation assessment, and guidance of unmanned emergency devices in disaster scenarios. The goal is to monitor a remotely controlled firefighting robot via a drone, with data from the robot being transmitted over this 5G network in real-time as much as possible.
In a disaster scenario, a mobile 5G campus network can transmit video data from drones, body cameras, and surveillance cameras in real-time. These data can be collected and analyzed through our apps. By using real-time drone images, the incident command can precisely guide the firefighting robot to areas with flames. The 5G network ensures very low latency, enabling precise control of the emergency device.
SML’s task is to set up the mobile radio network and ensure the integration of the firefighting robot, drone, and other data transmission devices into the 5G network. Additionally, we are evaluating different ways to integrate emergency personnel into the overall ALADIN system. We use our stream management soft and hardware EVO as well as the SML Camera App for live streaming, the SML Director App for stream management and the SML Smart Stream App to provide the streams to the operations management.

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Fraunhofer-Institut für Offene Kommunikationssysteme FOKUS
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