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Campus Networks

Technical Features


  • Technical on-site Inspection
  • Radio planning
  • Detail Level Design
  • Parameter Creation
  • Coverage and Performance Review
  • Installation support
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning of the Radio, Core and Network Management System
  • Solution Infrastructure

Drone Support

  • Industrial-grade UAVs (drones) for professional applications with various payloads such as dual gimbal
  • Wireless (LTE) mobile broadband connectivity (Nokia Digital Automation Cloud)
  • Command & control centre for UAV fleet management
  • Data management centre for data preparation, storage and analysis
  • Optional docking station

Customer Benefits

  • Nominal Design
  • Drone Integration
  • 5G Ready Streaming Solutions

Dedicated private 4G/5G networks Campus Network:

Technical Features

Campus Network is based on a private 4G/5G network and enables communications regardless of the carrier. The network, which is closed within itself, is ideal for tests or for use on factory premises.

System Integration of global market-leading base stations


Frequency consulting and analysis


4G/5G Packet Core design and setup including Testing of end-user devices and SIM card